Sunday, October 17, 2010

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Much has changed since my last post from June 2009. Shortly after that time I found out I was pregnant and we had our second child this past Spring. I have gone from having some free time to zero free time :) Still, I have found some time to bake and create.

Being that it is close to Halloween time, I decided to share my costume from 2008.
This was easy to make. I took a large stroller box, spray painted it white, and then figured out where to cut arm holes and a head hole in the bottom of the box. I then cut windows into it with an x-acto knife. I used yellow and black foam sheets to fill the windows in and then found a pic of Dorothy on the Internet, printed her, and taped her in the door. The roof was tricky. I folded a piece of cardboard and then made shingles out of extra cardboard. I duct taped them on, but they wouldn't stay so I ended up gluing and duct taping. I used some ribbon and stapled it to the cardboard to hold it on my head. Technically, the roof is going the wrong way, but I didn't have the time or energy to figure out how to see with a roof on my head. My daughter went as the Wicked Witch of the East complete with red and white striped stockings.

Enjoy and Happy Haunting!