Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

My daughter and I were inspired by Bakerella's post this month.

Here is how our version turned out. I used milk in the cupcakes and brownies. On my cupcakes, I ended up cutting the middle out so the top and bottom would look more bun like. On the burger part, I used a 2" biscuit cutter which made for thick hamburgers so we ended up cutting them in half. We had trouble getting the frosting to really look like ketchup. I didn't have any violet. But lo and behold, the package of Betty Crocker cookie frosting from Christmas was still in our cabinet and it made excellent "ketchup". It looked alot like ketchup coming out too. My daughter had the brilliant idea to put some on the "fries". The turned out really cute! Totally forgot the sesame seeds though.

I didn't have card stock so I used regular paper for the fry packages and used paper towels to wrap the burgers. I used the Bounty select a size kind and half was perfect. I plan to put them into brown paper bags to serve them. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas Bakerella!


  1. Who needs seeds. They came out so cute. The two of you did great.

  2. Those are darling. Reminds me of an ooooold pattern I used to make giant stuffed versions of french fries, complete with crinkly bag, and a hamburger. I made the burger from brown burlap, the pickles from green fake satin, the mustard from yellow felt, you get the idea (no seeds either!). It was big enough for my tiny little nephew to sit on. But he's taller than I am now.